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The WVSU Medical Center envisions “A World class health care institution geared towards service and training and research.”

As a health care institution, it commits “to promote quality and holistic healing and wellness in partnership with its patients and the community; provide excellent integrated health care training and research programs within a nurturing environment; and, cultivate the professional growth, productivity, creativity and teamwork among its human resources.”

The WVSU Medical Center, a licensed Level 4 Tertiary Health Care (Training and Teaching) Institution accredited by the Department of Health in the city and province of Iloilo, has committed to pursue its defined mission, and accepts the mandate to deliver the best quality in Health Care services to its clients.

Towards these ends, the Medical Center has renewed its commitment to institute reforms in its organization and operations to be able to continuously adapt to, and best meet, the increasing and ever-changing demands in every aspect of its fundamental objective of delivering the best health care and related services possible to its clients and stakeholders.


Goal and Objectives:

The Goal of the WVSU Medical Center QA Program is to ensure that all consumers receive the highest quality and most effective health services available through the development and maintenance of qualified and well-trained and accessible and self-motivating multidisciplinary quality improvement teams in the Medical Center.

The General Objectives of the WVSU Medical Center QA Program is the continuing pursuit of Clinical Quality, Service Quality and Cultural Quality in Health Services delivery, specifically focusing on its internal and external customers, and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Specific Objectives:

1. To ensures the establishments and institutionalization of a CQI Programs in managing Quality in Health Care delivery in the WVSU Medical Center;

2. To provide training and other forms of technical assistance relative to Quality Improvement to all WVSU Medical Center staff and personnel;

3. To institutionalize a Policy Change and Development Cycle as a means toward achieving grater stakeholder empowerment and;

4. To institutionalize a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement among all the staff and personnel of the Medical Center.