Latest News QA Making a Dent

Quality Assurance in the WVSU Medical Center made an auspicious beginning quite serendipitously about 2 years ago, in response to an urgent need to meet the demands of accreditation by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, or PhilHealth.

There was no other way but to bow to the demands of the times and accede to a new paradigm that is being pressed upon a seemingly long-apathetic sector of the hospital-based  Philippine health care sector by PhilHealth!

We agree, the need for reforms has long been felt. Any more inaction and complacency will only spell continued delivery of poor quality health services where resources are scarce, goals and targets bereft of inspiration and vision, and systems generally incongruent and inconsistent throughout the national hospital health care systems.

We understood the process would have to be slow where the need for change could be substantial, and where a seemingly and ‘entirely-new’ paradigm communicated before health providers mired in a culture that can be described mildly as apathetic.

YET we remained hopeful that reforms could be achieved in the WVSU Medical Center, for a few key reasons. First, we are a University Hospital with a redefined Vision and Mission, and where a more deliberate, thoughtful and measured approach to things as the norm, will likely be more acceptable to its kind of personnel; second, we have an enthusiastic core group of QA staff who remain active at present, and who were focused, meticulous and deliberate from their initial foray in Quality self-assessment to the subsequent and tedious tasks of monitoring target indicators and re-assessments; third, the PHIC Benchbook and Self-Assessment Tool itself readily provides the philosophical and methodological roadmap with which continuing quality improvement in the hospital can be achieved, and should be achieved, if only they could be religiously followed. This last factor certainly bears a lot of weight for us to be able to achieve full compliance of the Benchbook standards as a Center of Excellence that is expected of a teaching and training center, as full support for the program is yet to be realized from the key sectors of hospital hierarchy.

In all the QA fora and exchanges with experts and academics we’ve had as we started to imbibe and continue to immerse ourselves in the language of QA, this leadership support concern will certainly remain, and will continue to be the rate-limiting factor (sine-qua-non in fact) in all these efforts towards continuing quality improvement as the substance of the Quality Assurance program in the WVSU Medical Center.

Nevertheless, the PhilHealth Center for Quality just achieved by the Medical Center is what we know is the appropriate level we belong at present on the basis of the PhilHealth Benchbook standards. It is also a re -affirmation that we can, and need to, improve further. This must be the attitude if we are to succeed in inculcating a culture of ‘continuing quality improvement’.

Needless to say, it is up to us to choose a variety of courses to pursue from this point on. The future course is ours to chart.  The QA committee can only clear and point the way! We can either take on the challenge to achieve a higher level of service delivery to our clientele, or else be content with this present level (something we “hubbly” achieved!), or  still, choose no longer to engage in this discipline of accreditation because it is just too cumbersome, too pressure-laden with too much academic requirements, etc., etc.  The choice is ours... and the choice must be clearly communicated to all concerned in quality improvement if a positive impact is to be achieved at all!!

As an institution of higher learning, we do have missions and visions to be accountable for!

But, if you will... “The horse must lead the cart!” The cart can only move forward through favorable times. Without the horse it grinds to a halt on a bumpy, uphill and obstacle-laden course.

Change will come slowly... BUT CHANGE WILL COME! God is always Good!

Our sincere thanks to all those who believed, and continue to believe, in continuing quality improvement!  To the QA committees, medical staff and residents and coordinators, our nursing supervisors, unit heads... It is only the beginning... a most difficult beginning indeed! Many thanks for your patience and persistence...the future is yours!!

Dreamfully, they can now move out of our path in pursuit of EXCELLENCE!

QA is being felt, but under the circumstances, we can only make a dent where an overhaul is needed!