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  1. Clients right to the best possible health care regardless  of their race, creed, color, sex social status, capability to pay, and political belief.
  2. The clients are unique individuals with physiological, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.
  3. Medical interventions required the coordinated efforts of all various components of the health care delivery system since health and illness are multi-casual.
  4. A health care system should be dynamic to improve the delivery of health services.
  5. An integrated health service (including the Nursing Service) should be adequately operationalized to be responsive to the health needs of the clientele.
  6. Nursing personnel should be adequately prepared to assume their various roles in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.


  1. To provide quality nursing care.


  1. To establish and maintain acceptable standards or nursing care;
  2. To provide the nursing personnel with opportunities for continuing education and training;
  3. To conduct and participate in researches related to nursing and nursing care;
  4. To strengthen linkages with the other components and agencies outside the health facility; and
  5. To provide nursing and midwifery students with related learning experiences


Nursing Training and Research

Clinical Nursing Operations

Staff Development and Affiliation

Research and Training

General Nursing

Specialty Nursing