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The Management Information System/Electronic Data Processing (MIS/EPD) has the following functions:

  • Manages the development, implementation, and maintenance of the information system of the hospital.
  • Administers and maintains the information infrastructure and ICT facilities of the hospital.
  • Participates and makes recommendations in the acquisition of ICT products and services.
  • Provides support and training, and shares expertise and technical know-how to help increase office staff efficiently effectiveness and productivity.
  • Generates timely, accurate and relevant statistical data and information.
  • Coordinates with the various services of the hospital particularly its revenue generating areas or units for real-time assessments and processing.
  • Serves as conduit for future hospital services like: digital imaging in its diagnostic centers, client and customer services and researches.
  • Other services that the management will plan for the future.


The Management Information System / Electronic Data Processing (MIS/EDP) aims to:

  • Initiate productive and innovative Information System (IS) solutions for the improvement of hospital operations and services.
  • Provide effective and efficient Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to hospital and to its clients.
  • Improve the proficiency and capabilities of the office staff in information technology.
  • Provide the management timely, accurate and relevant statistical data and information needed in the formulation and implementation of policies and for effective decision making.